Where to find what?

With our festival guide, our guests – visitors and participants – can easily find their way around our festival.

The entire festival programme with all times and venues is always available there, as well as all other information about the festival – such as emergency numbers, weather forecast, sanitary facilities, public transport, information beyond the festival (open-air swimming pool, castle museum, guided tours by the city guard, accommodation directory/hotels, …).

An interactive city map shows you all the important locations and how to get there.

All festival days – all dates

The entire Folklore Festival programme is available to our guests and visitors as a downloadable PDF file under the following link.

If there are any changes in the festival programme, we will publish them here.

You can find the relevant locations on our interactive city map.

Leisure activities

In alphabetical order

On the four festival days from Friday to Monday there are always times to rest (for the particularly “festival-damaged”) or numerous possibilities of leisure activities for the “tireless”.
Due to the mostly summery temperatures, the first place to go is the Schlitz open-air swimming pool.

2021/2022 comprehensively partially renovated, it is an oasis of relaxation for the “festival-damaged”. For the “tireless” it offers sufficient possibility for sporty activity (distance swimming, high diving, beach volleyball).

The hiking or biking trails in the Schlitzerland have a total length of over 100 km. Experience the Schlitzerland on foot, with your own or rented touring bike or mountain bike, past fields and meadows, through forests – if you need some distance from the festival in between, but want to keep moving, you should take advantage of this offer.

Horse lovers and fans of equestrian sports can pursue their passion at various riding stables – more details can be found under the following link:


The Schlitz Castle Museum and the village museum “Buisch ahl Huss” in Schlitz-Fraurombach are open to those interested in culture and history. It offers an exciting pastime especially for families with children. Old knight’s armor, medieval weapons and flags, the history of Schlitz, rural and artisanal life – take the families into a time that has nothing to do with today – especially for children interesting and educational, but not only for children.

Discovering the castle town on a guided tour of the town with town guard Hagen is another highlight of Schlitz’s leisure activities.

What is hidden behind the city guard tours with Hagen is already revealed a little by their names – such as the Mysterious Tour, the Romantic Tour, the Pictorial Tour, the Whisky Tour, the Children’s Tour (with a visit to a Carrera track) , the Sayings Tour, the Tour for Lovers, the Segway Ninebot Tour or a tour with a carriage ride to the village museum in Schlitz Fraurombach.

Under the following links we inform our guests and visitors about the leisure activities during the festival and on our interactive city map you will find the corresponding locations.

In general

and in particular

If there are any current changes to the leisure offers, we will publish them here.


Important telephone and emergency numbers

At a glance, you will find a telephone contact here for every emergencies.

Information office and lost and found office:

City ​​hall, Fon: +49 6642 / 97034


Slot police station, Schulstrasse 1, phone +49 6642 / 1647, emergency call 110

Fire department:

Slot fire brigade, Salzschlirfer Straße 102, Emergency call 112 or +49 160 / 8803472

DRK accident assistance center:

Ringmauer 7 / corner of Auf der Wacht

Phone: +49 170 / 5037509 children’s collection point On the Zinn 18 (festive Sunday)

Medical emergency service – emergency call 112

Medical practices: 11.07.2019 – doctor’s offices until 7 p.m

12.07.2019 – doctor’s offices until 1 p.m

Medical on-call service, Fulda Phone 116 117

15.07.2019 7.00 a.m. – 10.00 a.m. Practice Klimin Phone +49 6642 / 6081

10.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. Practice An der Burg Phone +49 6642 / 6041

1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Böcker practice Phone +49 6642 / 377


July 15 – 16, 2017, 7 a.m. – medical on-call service, Fulda

Public transport / transport connections

If you do not wish to travel by car, which certainly makes sense due to the somewhat limited parking facilities, you will find the arrival and departure times of the public transport system under the following link and the corresponding stops in Schlitz on our interactive stand map.

If you do not wish to travel by car, which certainly makes sense due to the somewhat limited parking facilities, you will find the arrival and departure times of the public transport system under the following link and the corresponding stops in Schlitz on our interactive stand map.

How to get to Slot im Vogelsbergkreis by Bus or Train?

List of stops

Line network map

of the Vogelberg district:

Parking areas

As the entire city centre area is “festival grounds” during the festival, there are no parking facilities there – except for residents or hotel guests, who are allowed to park in the parking spaces belonging to the hotel.

There are parking facilities around the festival area, which are marked accordingly on our interactive city map.

Here too, you can find out more by clicking on the relevant parking symbol.


Please be considerate out of your own interest!!! Please do not park in the driveways of properties or at entrances to buildings that are relevant to the system and security. Our law enforcement officers are not amused in this context.

For day visitors, it is definitely advisable to use public transport. This helps the environment, is easy on the nerves because you don’t have to search for a parking space and you can party in a relaxed way because you don’t have a car with you and don’t have to worry about it.

After all, we want you to enjoy our festival and arrive back home in good health.

Below are the parking options we recommend:

Coming from Fulda (L3143)


at the entrance to the town, at the beginning of Gräfin-Anna-Straße, turn right onto ………wiesen


At the open-air swimming pool and related to it in the area of the sports ground at Damenweg

Coming from the A7 (via L3140 or L 3176)


in the area of Bahnhofstraße REWE and REWE beverage market, Lidl or Norma market


in the area of the community center
in the Jahnstraße


in the area of Bleichenstraße and Auf den Bleichen

Coming from Lauterbach (L3140)


At the cemetery and on the access road via “Hohmannsgrund


Schoolyard of the Schlitzerland Comprehensive School via “Karlshofer Weg” or “Zur zweiten Verschönerung” – “Schlesische Straße

Coming from Bad Salzschlirf (L3141)


at the entrance of the village – “Salzschlirfer Straße

Hotel and accommodation

It is possible to stay in a hotel in Schlitz, but the local hotels are booked up very early, especially for the festival period.


Many of our festival hotel guests already book for the next festival when they leave.

Our interactive city map shows you the hotel locations. Here as well, you can find out more by “clicking” on the location.

So if you really want to stay in a hotel, you should consider whether a hotel in the neighbouring towns such as Bad Hersfeld (30 km), Bad Salzschlirf (8 km), Fulda (20 km), Hünfeld (15 km) or Lauterbach (15 km) might be suitable.

However, it is still worth asking at the hotels in Schlitz, as there can always be a cancellation and a room may become available.

But it doesn’t always have to be a hotel, especially as the nights are short during the festival anyway. In Schlitz and Schlitzerland there are a large number of guesthouses, holiday homes and private accommodation (click on “Accommodation directory” and find out.).


Accommodation and restaurant index

In addition to the local hotels, there are a whole range of other accommodation options in Schlitz and Schlitzerland – guesthouses, holiday homes, holiday flats, guest rooms, private accommodation.

You can find such offers for Schlitz on our interactive town map. With a “click” on the corresponding symbol, you will receive the relevant information.

On the website of the castle town Schlitz you can apply certain selection criteria to all vacation apartments, vacation homes, vacation rooms and hotels in order to pick out the objects around Schlitz that are interesting for you.

The offer is further complemented by the large and modern camping site at the open-air swimming pool, for camping or for users of caravans or mobile homes.

On the website of Burgenstatdt Schlitz you will also find all restaurants and pubs in and around Schlitz.

Weather forecast

As a huge open-air event, our festival was and is very dependent on the weather.

The last three festivals have shown that we have to be prepared to cope with extreme weather conditions – no matter whether it is extreme heat, unseasonable rain or storms/ hurricanes.

As your safety is our top priority, we have created the possibility for you to inform yourself about this under the button “Weather Forecast” and to protect yourself, e.g. by wearing appropriate clothing or taking protective items with you.

Please pay explicit attention to the announcements of the moderators. As an important piece of the puzzle in our safety concept, it is their task to inform you about weather developments and to give advice on how to behave.

Safety concept

In cooperation with the Schlitz municipality, a “crisis team” is set up shortly before the festival, whose task is to assess the situation in the event of a crisis, to advise on it and to coordinate and monitor the necessary communicative as well as operational measures.

For this purpose, a detailed security concept was drawn up especially for the festival, which has meanwhile also been used by other major event organisers.

The authorities and institutions working in the crisis centre (German Red Cross, fire brigade, police, Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW), Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution) are all specialists in the field of security.

The crisis centre is manned around the clock during all festival days.

This ensures that, as far as humanly possible, you can feel safe and secure at our festival.

Nevertheless, we are also dependent on the assistance of our guests. Please be sure to follow the instructions of the moderators. They are in direct contact with the crisis centre and will inform you immediately of any emergency situation.

Please also bear in mind that any restrictions that may arise (barriers, checks on people, etc.) are only for your safety – thank you for your understanding.