The festival

Folk meets music – friends meet friends

An interesting mixture of music and folklore festival attracts thousands of visitors to the castle town of Schlitz every two years (always in the odd years and always on the second full weekend in July).

For four days, there is a rich offer of the highest quality for every music lover and/or folklore fan on eight stages.

Party atmosphere and culinary delights are guaranteed in numerous festival tents in the town area.

The best folklore groups from more than 50 countries around the world have already visited us – many of them several times.


Music formations, marching bands, bands and bands present themselves to the guests on the various stages, in the tents, in courtyards, on squares, alleys and streets. Rock, pop, jazz, marching music etc., there is something for every taste.

The big parade with historical costumes, motive wagons around the handicraft, the customs and the history of Schlitz and Schlitzerland is looking for its equals. All wagons are pulled exclusively by animals (horses, ponies, cows, oxen, goats, etc.), an absolute uniqueness.

The large amusement park with modern rides offers ample opportunities for pastime, especially for the younger audience.

The fireworks display in the middle of the city impresses even long-time visitors.

And the big, traditional closing of the festival on the last day at 25.00 o’clock, you can only find it here in Schlitz.

The high altitude fireworks

Always a great experience

Form rot

Another highlight of our festival is the high-altitude fireworks display that takes place in the middle of the festival area.
On the festival Sunday evening, at nightfall, around 10 p.m., a loud bang announces a spectacle of a special kind.

After days of preparation by the volunteer fire departments from Schlitz and Schlitzerland, so that the safety of the surrounding buildings is guaranteed, and the professional and proper work of the commissioned fireworks, a, in the truest sense of the word, fireworks of colors, shapes and duration illuminate the night sky above the keep of the castle town – 2019 even framed musically.

The absolute highlight of this spectacle is a “firefall” that pours over the battlements of the keep.